Research: Overview

APLORI has two core functions. One is capacity building for conservation biology in West Africa, and the second is to facilitate fundamental biological research based in West Africa. Relatively little ecological field research is carried out in West Africa because of lack of infrastructure and logistical difficulties. APLORI aims to help address these issues by providing a well-run field station where it is possible to carry out research relatively easily in a tropical savannah environment. To date APLORI has been host to many research projects that need a West African base. These pages give an idea of some of the research that APLORI has been involved with: sometimes we have just provided accommodation and logistical support for outside projects, whereas for others we have provided core trained personnel and expertise or the projects have originated as part of APLORI’s functioning as a research and training institute. The APLORI related research detailed here is by no means complete but gives an indication of what we do, and we can do in the future. Below is an outline of some main areas of research:

  • BirdRinging
  • Palearctic migrant studies
  • Threatened and endemic species
  • Avian influenza
  • The behavioural ecology of tropical birds