Publications: 2020

Author Year Title Publisher page
Cresswell, W., Nanchin, W., & Patchett, R. 2020 Local human population increase in the non-breeding areas of long-distance migrant bird species is only weakly associated with their declines, even for synanthropic species. Diversity and Distributions 340-351
Omotoriogun, T.C., Albrecht, T., Gohli, J., Hořák, D., Johannessen, L.E., Johnsen, A., Kreisinger, J., Marki, P.Z., Ottosson, U., Rowe, M., Sedláček. O. & Lifjeld, J.T. 2020 Sperm size variation among Afrotropical songbirds reflects phylogeny rather than adaptations to the tropical environment. Zoology. (under revision). ---