Administrative Staff

Name: Dr. Adams A. Chaskda
Position: Director
Qualifications: PhD Conservation Biology (University of Cape Town, South Africa), M.Sc Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc Zoology (UniJos).
Specialization: Avian foraging and breeding ecology, Bird-plant interactions, Socio-ecology, Anthropogenic effects on ecosystem and Insect ecology

Name: Mr Markus Arum
Position: Administrative officer
Qualifications: M.Sc Economics Education (UniJos), B.Sc. Economics Education (UniJos).
Specialization: Human Resources(HR)
Name: Mr. Oluwaseyi Moses Isola
Position: Head of Account & Finance
Qualifications: M.Sc. Accounting and Finance (ABU Zaria), B.Sc. Accounting and Management ( OAU), Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA)
Specialization: Auditing, Finance, Accounting, Taxation and Debt recovery.
Name: Mr Anthony Umennuihe
Position: Head of Library & ICT
Qualifications: Masters in information Management (ABU Zaria), PGD Information Management (ABU Zaria), HND Library and Information Science ( Fed.Poly Oko), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Web developer.
Specialization: Information Technology, Networking and Web design
Name: Ms Pati Becky
Position: Public Relations Officer
Qualifications: M.Sc Peace and Conflict Management (UniJos), B.A Theartre and Commuincation Art (UniJos), Diploma Mass Communication (UniJos).
Specialization: Writing and distributing contents (newsletter/pamphlet) that informs members of the public about activities of APLORI.
Name: Ms Maureen Amaka Ugwu
Position: Account Officer
Qualifications: HND Accounting (IMT Enugu)
Specialization: Accounting and Finance.

Research Staff

Name: Dr Barshep Yahkat
Position: Director of Scientific Research
Qualifications: PhD (UCT South Africa), M.Sc Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc Zoology (UniJos).
Specialization: Conservation biology/ Ornithology/ Statistical ecology. My research can be divided into two main themes: Adaptation of birds to climate-induced environmental change and culture-based conservation. Specific research topics include: 1. Seasonality in the timing of moult among African and migratory bird species. 2. Breeding seasonality in African birds. 3. Socio-economic, cultural and gender roles in the use of animals for traditional medicine. 4. Ecology of migratory species in Africa. 5. Application of time-series models in estimating population size and modeling population dynamics of wildlife species.

Name: Dr. Ivande Samuel
Position: Lecturer & Research Fellow
Qualifications: PhD (St. Andrews UK), M.Sc Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc Biology (ABU Zaria)
Specialization: My research activities at APLORI began with my M.Sc. project in 2009 which assessed the Line transect method as proposed for a Common Bird Monitoring scheme which was to be launched in Nigeria. Subsequent research endeavours in 2010 included an assessment of the current status of the Grey-necked Picathartes – a species of global conservation concern – in Cross River, Nigeria under the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) grant as well as an investigation of aspects of the breeding ecology and the initiation of monitoring of a population of the Abdim’s Stork in Bauchi State, Nigeria. A Ph.D. at the University of St Andrews, UK investigating factors influencing density and distribution of Palearctic migrants in the Nigeria followed and was completed in 2015. Since then, I have been involved in teaching and research at APLORI. Current research endeavours now include studies to improve knowledge about intra-African migration using the Abdim’s Storks and Rosy Bee-eaters as model species. I am also interested in understanding the interactions between Palearctic migrants and their Afrotropical resident counterparts and remain involved in setting up a long term monitoring studies about Palearctic migrant populations in Amurum to better understand migratory arrival and departure dates. As part of my role as Project Manager for the Nigeria Bird Atlas Project (NiBAP), I am also now interested and involved in efforts to develop of Citizen Science in Nigeria and also across West Africa.
Name: Dr Talatu Tende
Position: Research fellow/Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD Biology (Lund University Sweden) M.Sc. Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Tech. Zoology (Fed. University of Tech. Yola)
Specialization: Conservation biology/Ornithology/Conservation Genetics/Molecular Ecology An ardent ornithologist/bird watcher and Molecular Ecologist. I employ the use of molecular techniques to answer ecological questions such as movement pattern, gene flow, paternity, population size and growth. As a technical specialist within the Nigerian Bird Atlas Project I organise and carry out field surveys, workshops and trainings as well as deliver seminars on the atlas project around Nigerian universities to encourage citizen science participation in biodiversity conservation.
Name: Dr Jacinta Abalaka
Position: Research Fellow/Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD Genetics (University of Pretoria South Africa), M.Sc. Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc. Zoology (UniJos).
Specialization: Population dynamics, Population genetics, Conservation genetics population ecology, Phylogenetics and phylogeography. I have been involved in several bird census projects, including the census of the range restricted rock Firefinch, Lagonosticta sanguinodorsalis and other finches. Which led to my interest in the use of genetics to answer questions on population distribution. Presently my area of interest include conservation genetic, phylogeography and phylogenetics. My study is focused on birds but will study any other organisms when the need arises. I am interested in knowing the extent of gene flow between populations, understanding how species with widespread distributions are able to adapt to extreme environmental conditions, phylogenetics of some highly diverse families, phylogeography patchy populations.
Name: Ms Rahila Yilangai
Position: Research Fellow/Lecturer
Qualifications: M.Sc. Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc Plant Science
Specialization: My research interests centre on plant community patterns, ecohydrology, plant ecophysiology and watershed management. I am interested in understanding dynamics of plant community patterns with changing climatic conditions in disturbance-prone areas, the interrelationship between plant cover dynamics and hydrological parameters to understand how changes in plant cover drive changes in surface and groundwater recharge. I monitor transpiration responses of gallery forest species, a unique ecosystem in guinea savannah with distinct plant composition and a replica of the rainforest, to understand the impact of plant control factors on surface and groundwater yield. I have funded projects monitoring streamflow, groundwater and plant sapflow responses. I am also managing vegetation monitoring project of the Amurum Forest Reserve, specifically a biannual check of plant mortality, survival and recruitment mechanisms of the savannah vegetation after fire events. Previous projects: • Principal investigator: Plant species diversity, composition and structure of savannah woodland in North-eastern Nigeria. Funded by Rufford Foundation (2015) • Principal Investigator: Effect of habitat degradation on avian species composition in savannah woodland of north east Nigeria. Sponsored by Second Rufford Small Grant (2017) • Principal investigator: Role of Forest cover and species diversity in watershed services in Amurum Forest Reserve. Funded by International Foundation for Science (2017) Ongoing research: Land use -water interactions in protected and multi-use gallery forests, funded by: International Foundation for Science (IFS) Renewal Gran (2018 - 2020)
Name: Ms Kazeh Nanchin Winifred
Position: Research Associate
Qualifications: M.Sc Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc.Zoology (UniJos)
Specialization: Avian disease Ecology, Bio-geography, Socio-ecology
Name: Mr Bolade Israel
Position: Research Associate
Qualifications: M.Sc. Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc. Zoology (Nasarawa State University Keffi)
Specialization: Research Associate studying the winter ecology of a palearctic migratory species, the pied flycatcher, in its west African wintering grounds. This project aims to understand the non-breeding determinants of population decline within the species.
Name: Ms. Ishong Joy Akpanta
Position: Research Associate
Qualifications: M.Sc Conservation Biology (UniJos), B.Sc. Zoology (Unijos).
Specialization: Interested in behavioral ecology, biogeography and conservation ecology of birds.
Name: Mr. Elisha Emmanuel Barde
Position: Research Assistant
Qualifications: B.Sc Plant Science (UniJos)
Specialization: Medicinal Plant and taxonomy