Join the West African Ornithological Society (WAOS)!!!

The West African Ornithological Society (WAOS) grew out of the Nigerian Ornithologists’ Society (NOS), which was founded in 1964. WAOS seeks to promote scientific interest in the birds of West Africa and to further the region’s ornithology. This is mainly achieved by means of its biannual and bilingual journal Malimbus (formerly the Bulletin of the Nigerian Ornithologists’ Society).

Malimbus offers a great opportunity for West African students and ornithologists to publish their work. The journal has published over 450 scientific papers and reports about birds in Nigeria and thousands more from other parts of West Africa since 1964. WAOS has members across the world, but is somewhat under-represented in Africa and in Nigeria, due largely to lack of publicity but also due to practical difficulties relating to membership subscription payments.

WAOS is keen to increase membership and engagement from ornithologists and bird enthusiasts across West Africa including from Nigeria and have now arranged for a local means for Nigerian members to pay their membership subscription dues into a Nigerian bank account, instead of by international transfer or using mechanisms such as PayPal.

Malimbus, a bilingual, biannual publication, is mailed to all registered members and your subscription serves to maintain this valuable repository of information on West African ornithology.

Interested members from Nigeria can find more subscription details here